Thursday, September 3, 2015

Is 40 the new 20?

This year I turned 40 years old! I never thought I'd say this, but that was quite exciting. No mid-life crisis as of yet!

To celebrate it, my dear husband wanted to surprise me with a party. He started to plan it out in his head, wrote an email to my friends, and then realized it was going to be close to impossible to get a hold of them because he didn't have most of their contacts! Ha! Defeated, he turned to me, explaining all his good intentions!!
Long story short, we decided to have a cheese and wine pairing party.
Here's my list of pairings:

Ever since I came back from my trip to Italy, I started to appreciate wine and do enjoy a glass or two every week. That said, and because it was MY party, I chose to pair all my favorite wine with my favorite cheese. So the list above was carefully hand-picked!

I added to the table a variety of jams, mini toasts and crackers, salamis and prosciutto, olives, tomatoes, nuts and fruit. 

For dessert, we served Moscato wine and chocolate, in the form of cake and brigadeiros!!

I had a lot of fun with some of my dearest friends! Some of them came from as far as Montreal, Canada and San Francisco, California. Some of them cancelled and changed plans, others made sure not to miss it. And all of them who came, made my day even more special! Happy 40th to me!! :)

And to answer to the question in the title, I wore this very same dress when I turned 20! Yes, it made me feel good and yes, it made me feel like I was 20 again!!

Tchau for now!
Fabi :)

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