Friday, June 19, 2015

Father's Colors!

Hello there!!

Father's Day is fast approaching, so my kids and I decided on a very simple and fun surprise for the amazing man in our lives. Every year (mostly) they come up with a craft instead of a card, and this year it couldn't be different. Because the kids are so much in love with the painting set Lia got for her birthday, we decided to do something with canvas and oil. So here is what we ended up doing, a "canvas card":

 It looks fun, doesn't it?
Here is what you need, if you want to do the same thing : Canvas, oil paint, puffy paint, brushes, wood letters and tape.

Hands on now!

Let it dry for a little bit before you remove the wooden letters. By the way, our package did not have the complete alphabet, so we had to improvise. Can you notice the "O" used to be a "Q"? :)
After removing the wooden pieces, trace the lettering with puffy paint. We only used the glitter gold one. Let it dry for a little longer and voila! You've got a father's day canvas card!!!

 Hope you still have time to make it!
Tchau for now!!
Fabi :)

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