Saturday, June 27, 2015


Hello sweet jellies!

Strawberry season is on! At my house we just loooove this time of the year! The kids get super excited to go picking the berries and to use them in jams, cakes and frosting!! Have you ever tried frosting made with real strawberries? It is crazy good! Add some mascarpone cheese and you've got yourself a real treat. Yum!!
We went to a local organic farm (Cedar Circle Farm) and the picking was fantastic.

  Both of my kids got out of there with a full belly, and I got home inspired to decorate a table!

This year, we ate them fresh, made strawberry-lemonade, jam-filled mini cupcakes, pancakes and still had some left over to freeze and use whenever we please! I was also able to find at my local store some strawberry macaroons, and just had to have them!

My two little assistants could hardly wait to sample the treats! Oh that was fun!

Tchau for now!!
Fabi :)

Friday, June 19, 2015

Father's Colors!

Hello there!!

Father's Day is fast approaching, so my kids and I decided on a very simple and fun surprise for the amazing man in our lives. Every year (mostly) they come up with a craft instead of a card, and this year it couldn't be different. Because the kids are so much in love with the painting set Lia got for her birthday, we decided to do something with canvas and oil. So here is what we ended up doing, a "canvas card":

 It looks fun, doesn't it?
Here is what you need, if you want to do the same thing : Canvas, oil paint, puffy paint, brushes, wood letters and tape.

Hands on now!

Let it dry for a little bit before you remove the wooden letters. By the way, our package did not have the complete alphabet, so we had to improvise. Can you notice the "O" used to be a "Q"? :)
After removing the wooden pieces, trace the lettering with puffy paint. We only used the glitter gold one. Let it dry for a little longer and voila! You've got a father's day canvas card!!!

 Hope you still have time to make it!
Tchau for now!!
Fabi :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Back from my dream trip!!

Hello there dearies!!!

I am just back from a dream trip to Europe with my mother. This was an adventure that had been in the making for the last three years because I turn 40 years old this Summer and wanted to celebrate big time! So it was supposed to be a big-whole-kids included-family kind of trip! But it turns out, it worked out for only my mother and I to go. Which was probably a big stress saver!!

Mom and I inside a Trenitalia train

Under the Tuscan Sun!

We went to Paris, Venice, Verona, Florence, Siena, San Gimignano, Pisa, and Rome in 12 days! We walked like there was no tomorrow and ate like royalty! From beef bourguignon to bisteca alla fiorentina, carpaccio, pasta alla mare, pizza (the real deal!), creme brulee, belini and limoncello, cafe freddo, we had it all!! And yes, we put on a few pounds. But it was all worth it, and we would absolutely do it again!!

The Seine River in Paris

Love locks before they got removed!

Pyramids at Louvre

Gondolas in Venice

Sweets at Laduree

Macaroons at Laduree

One of the many bridges in Venice

Michelangelo Piazza in Florence


Back home, I missed my kids like crazy, and could really tell they missed me too! However they really enjoyed all the little gifts I brought them too! My husband also enjoyed the Italian wine from a Tuscan farm and the cheese imported from Campo di Fiori in Rome! Less than one week after I was back home, I already wanted to take everybody to Europe!

But instead, I went right into the end of the year craziness, with all the recitals, shows, field trips and three much needed teacher appreciation gifts! So to ease myself back into "celebrating life's little moments" mode, I put together a very simple and cute gift for my kid's teachers. Can you guess what's inside?

Inside of the cute juice jar, I put a beach towel, a bottle of refreshing coconut water (from Brazil, of course!) and a pack of mints. These are some of the things I like to have on hand during the Summer months! On the back of each tag, each of my children wrote a note to their teacher, thanking for the amazing year they had! I found the free tag here.

For the children in their class, we got bubble bottles and stuck a tag on it with their names and phone number. In case anybody wants a play date during the summer months! 

And now I am making lots of plans for an amazing Summer!! Can't wait!!!

Tchau for now!
Fabi :)