Sunday, May 17, 2015

Book Party - Part 3!!

Hello peeps!

I had so much fun preparing for this party and then looking at the pictures, that part of me is sad to stop writing about it!  But "life goes on" and I also cannot wait to start blogging about my new projects!

After talking a lot about the decoration, entertainment and favors, let me tell you all about the food. Because at the end of the day, it is all about the food, isn't it?

I didn't want the cake standing all alone, so I put all of the sweets on the desert table. There were assorted types of candy, cotton candy, macaroons, chocolate covered Oreo cookies, cupcakes and brigadeiros!! And I wish I could have all of it right now!!

I placed the gummy candy in a vintage glass bowl, the jujube starts were in little glass slippers and the cotton candy was inside of glass jars.

Gummy Candy

One of the jars with cotton candy

I made the macaroons myself, following a great recipe I found on Pinterest. You can check my Macaroon Board here. It was my first time making them, and I have to confess they turned out pretty good! I also have to tell you that to say I was ecstatic when I saw the little feet forming, is an understatement! I also made the chocolate covered oreo cookies and they were just delicious and pretty!!

Raspberry, Nutella, and White Chocolate macaroons. They were good!

Chocolate covered Oreo cookies

Brigadeiros are a chocolate fudge like candy from Brazil. E.V.E.R.Y. Brazilian person you ever meet knows what they are and knows how to make them! They are a staple at pretty much any party, event or gathering!!

Coconut Brigadeiro

Milk chocolate brigadeiro

To make things a little more exciting for me, my daughter told me she would love to have a 3 tier cake. 3 TIER CAKE!! And that comes with 3 different flavors, of course!! She  doesn't really like chocolate cake (whaaaat??), so I let her pick which flavors she wanted. Do you want to guess what she chose? It wasn't vanilla, let me tell you!! Ha! After much consideration, she settled for almond, raspberry and pistachio, filled and iced with salted caramel butter cream! And I made that just for her!! I gotta say, I did pat my back for being able to comply with her wish!!

Crumb coat!

Inside view. Yummy!!

To complete the desert table, cupcakes! 

Those hearts are made out of edible paper!!

After all that work, we decided to serve peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fruit and cheese for snacks. Of course, the PB&J had to be cut in special shapes. More specifically, cut in the shape of castles, flower, princess crown and butterfly.

The kids food was served on the dinner table, set up with book pages for place mats and a book centerpiece. They drank juice in tea cups, using golden paper straws and loved it!

I love these opportunities to meet the other parents, so I always let them know they are more than welcome to come and stay. So for that crowd, I had some chips and dips, cheese and crackers and cold cuts.

All in all, this was truly a great party to plan, execute and enjoy! I hope you liked it as much as I did!!
And I hope you come back to check on my other parties too!!

Tchau for now!

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