Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Book Party - Part 2

Once again my role as a stay at home mom takes over my new role as a blogger!
But  back to my daughter's birthday party!!

I wanted to really incorporate books all over the decor, so I used book pages for the table background and added "Once upon a time" in gold lettering to it. Thanks to the very sweet Stacie from Fancy and Fold (Here) who was able to understand exactly what I wanted and deliver it on time!! I had previously tried to purchase this from an Etsy seller, who just disappeared on me (Boooohhhuuuu!!)

For favors, BOOKS!! Big surprise, I know! However, instead of giving brand new books, Lia and I decided it would be a good idea to give "old" books a new home. So we went to our local library and local thrift store in search of good old books. A friend of mine who used to be a teacher also gave us a whole lot of close to new AND some vintage ones. Here now I have to confess, we kept some of the vintage books for our personal collection! They were so beautifully written and illustrated I just couldn't help it but keep them! I used some of the vintage ones to decorate the cabinet where we put the presents.

I put all the books we had (over 50!) on an antique desk I use for my sewing machine and inside a vintage picnic basket. The kids also got mini paper suitcases with nothing more than kisses inside (get it? kisses?Ha!), because you always travel when you are reading a good book (right?), pencils and writing pads. Every child could choose as many books as they wish!
On the same desk, I placed an old type writer with a few pages the kids could use to write a message to Lia. They were simply fascinated by that "new" contraption! I actually had a hard time trying to convince my 4 year old to stop playing with it three days after the party, as I needed to finally put it away! Big hit!

Vintage Books!

To continue with the book theme, my husband and I decided to invite Lia's favorite story teller to entertain the kids with his amazing tales. His name is Simon Brooks (here), and he is in fact pretty good at what he does! He was able to keep a bunch of 6 and 7 year-old glued to the same spot for about one hour!

He was being a ghost pirate!

Simon Brooks and I!!

Next post will be about all the food we served at this magical party!!
Tchau for now!
Fabi :)

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