Monday, April 13, 2015

Book Party - Part 1!

Hello, hello!! Long time no see...!!

I have been extremely busy ever since my daughter's birthday party, doing so many things completely unrelated to party styling that I think I am going nuts! Yes, it is totally possible to go nuts due to a lack of partying!! Ha!

But I should not complain, even though I have missed this blog, and wasn't really able to style anything for Easter, I have been spending a lot of my "free" time planning a dream trip for my mother and I. It's a trip that's been "under construction" for a long time and this year we will finally be able to make it happen. More on that in future posts! ;)

Now back to my daughter's party! I posted here previously the envelopes I made for the invitation, but I never revealed the theme. Well, there it goes (drum rolls, please!): Books!

My daughter is in first grade and her reading abilities have taken off like crazy! She can read more and more every day and books are her new passion. She loves Princess Stories, but her favorite are the adventure ones, the ones with monsters and a hint of mystery (The Magic Tree House for instance is a big hit!). And I absolutely love the fact that she is open to read anything that catches her eye and her ears!

"Oh magic hour, when 
a child first knows
she can read printed words"
-Betty Smith

Because of this new found love, my daughter wanted to create a library for her party. I loved the idea, and the first thing that came to my mind was to give books as favors. Not just one, but as many as the new readers would like to have!

To keep with the library theme, I used library cards for the invitations. I also didn't have any trouble finding types of font that I could use.

Envelopes ready to go. No problem sending these through regular mail!

Library Cards

Invitations. I used two different fonts.

I also used book pages to make cupcake toppers...

...and gold cardstock paper to make decorations for the books station. 

That's right, I don't own a cutting machine. Yet!!

Of course, pink and gold tassels were also part of the decor!

I  had a lot of fun working on every detail for this party, and so did Lia as she got to tell me exactly what she wanted!!
Believe, there is a lot more I need to tell you about this party! But that's going to be in Part 2!!

Tchau for now!!

Fabi :)

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