Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Dinosaurs are here!

In February we celebrate our son's birthday, and this year he asked for a dinosaur party. I found lots of ideas on the internet, but I also wanted it to be very suited to him and his own idea of how dinosaurs would be in his world.

To make this happen, we started by placed dinosaur tracks all over the outside of the house and on our entrance floor, to get our guests in the right mood!
Once they were inside of the house, a hungry T-Rex greeted them and they were asked to leave a message for the birthday boy on a dinosaur book: "How do Dinosaurs say Happy Birthday, by Jane Yolen (Book). This book is now to be treasured for years to come!

All the kids played a "Pin the Tail on the Dinosaur" game, followed by "puzzle hunt". They were separated in groups and each group had to decide on a color piece to hunt for, find them around the house and place  them properly on the dino base. That kept them busy for a little bit and they got to work as teams! I found the templates for the puzzles for free right here

There was a lot of snow outside, so we took all the kids out to keep on burning steam! They had fun sledding, snow ball fighting, and dinosaur egg hunting! That was a big hit, as some of the eggs had hatched and little dinosaurs were trying to escape!

After all that, it was time to eat! We served dino cheese, fruit salad in individual cups, dino sandwiches, lava juice and hot chocolate with marshmallows, whipped cream and cinnamon. Yum!! The table was decorated with dinosaurs wearing party hats and a T-Rex holding a gift for the birthday boy (it was an actual gift!!). Each child got their own party hat and a dino mask.

After that, it was pinata time! We hit a T-Rex pinata really hard and got a lot of candy! (Pinata)

After a couple of scraped knees and an elbow on the face (ouch!), we moved along to the cake! The cake table was decorated as a dinosaur jungle, complete with two floating trees! The cake was a volcano, made out of chocolate with lava floating out of it when it got open, and little chocolate rocks around it! For sweets, we had praline and chocolate covered marshmallows, brigadeiros (a Brazilian chocolate) and dino foot print sugar cookies. Of course, the dinosaurs were all over it!

When it was time to go home, each child got a little dinosaur, crayons, erasers and a volcano/lava kit so they could create their own lava experiment at home! I found this idea here

The birthday boy and all his friends had lots of fun, ate a lot of sweets and finished the party with a big grin on their faces! All and all an excellent party!! Yay!!

Tchau for now!

*If you would like to see my inspiration pins for this party, click here

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