Thursday, February 12, 2015

Simple Valentine's Table

My kids absolutely love Valentine's Day. I am sure it's got nothing to do with the actual meaning of Valentines, but instead, with the prospect of the candy and cards their friends will give to them at school!
Because our kids are still little and we don't have any family close by, my husband and I haven't had a proper Valentine's Day celebration in a long time. But we still try to exchange something special and just enjoy the day with each other and our two babies.
To surprise them this year, I created a very simple table set-up, that I am sure they will just love!
And love is exactly want I am for!

I used two gold paper lanterns from my local "Dollar Store", glittered heart cut-outs and heart shaped iced cookies, from my local grocery store.

Simple, yet fun!
I will tell you later if they liked!
What about you? Any plans?

Tchau for now!

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