Thursday, February 26, 2015

Project: Invitation!

Oh my dear blog, how I missed you so!

Last week was "break-week" for my kids here in Vermont, so I spent the whole time trying hard to keep them busy! But now they are back at school and I am back at party planning!

I am planning a couple of parties at the moment, and one of them is for my daughter, who's turning 7. A few months ago I asked her what theme she would like to have for her party and with that, I feel like a opened a "Pandora box"! It took her a few days to think over some suggestions and when she finally came up with an idea I was beyond myself with excitement! Not only this theme tells a lot about her and the little person she is becoming, but it is also very unique. In fact, even though I have found a lot of inspiration, I have not seen a birthday party quite like this one is going to be! Altouhg I am not going to talk about the theme itself in this post, I am going to confess that I am super excited indeed!

This week, I started working on the invitations. More specifically, on the envelopes! I have something very specific in mind, and could not find the right size envelopes. So my first step was to create a very simple template.

Then I just traced them onto the paper, cut, glued and Ta-Da!!


These pictures probably give you an idea about the theme...but maybe not! Ha! 
I will keep you posted!! ;)

Tchau for now!!

Fabi :)

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