Monday, February 2, 2015

Candy Shoppe for Lyndsey!

Today's party was a candy shoppe theme, and oh what a fun theme!
The little girl was turning 7, and she was very adamant she did not want a "candyland" party! So we made her a shoppe!
The idea was to create a festive, yet clean, looking background, so all the bright colors from the candy would display nicely. And boy, we had candy! I used a chevron fabric on the wall, colorful paper bunting and three "candy balloons" on top. To frame it, we used six balloons on each side. The birthday girl asked for cake AND cupcakes, so her mother provided cupcakes for all the children and the birthday girl got a mini cake of her own.
In addition to the many different kinds of candy, we also had chocolate covered marshmallows and chocolate covered Oreo cookies. Big hit! 
At the end of a sugar filled day, each kid got to take home their own little bag, filled with the candy of their choice. And I saw all of them pretty happy!!

Birthday girl's favorite color is purple!

Chocolate and sprinkle covered marshmallows

Chocolate covered Oreo cookies

Rock Candy

Birthday girl

And that's what makes it so especial! The big smile! :)

 If you want to see my inspiration board for this party, click here
Tchau for now!

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