Thursday, January 29, 2015

First Blog Post!! ~ Lia in Wonderland!!

So here I am, brand new to the blog world! I have been debating over starting a blog for some time now, but the first step is always the hardest one (right?)! And now that I sit here in front of the computer, I realize that I have so so so much to say! First of, I have to say that this blog is (and will be) a work in progress! Pretty much every day, I have all these ideas popping out in my head. Some very feasible, others not so much! But with two little children, I get interrupted. A lot. And then all those ideas fly right out of my head!! Hmmm...what was I saying? Ah! That's my life!! Anyway, creating parties, both in my head and in reality, is something that makes me very happy. A nice looking, fun, creative party is my happy place, so to speak.
Growing up in Brasil, celebrating life's big and little moments is a lifestyle. I clearly remember gathering balloons and cake for my dolls parties!!
But I have to admit it, everything started when I became a mother! Even before my daughter was born, I was already thinking how I was going to celebrate the first year of her life. I know, crazy! But the first birthday is a big (I mean, BIG) thing in Brasil, so I couldn't help it but start planning for it, along with choosing the crib, the first shoes, first outfits, and so on. I didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl, so that made me plan for two parties! CRAY!!
After she was born, I realized that planning for a birthday party was going to be way harder than I thought, and in reality of my routine as a new mom, it really was NOT going to be a priority. Or even a choice!! But then, all of sudden, she wasn't a newborn anymore! As the day of her very first birthday approached, the long forgotten plans came back rushing in my mind.
Because we were going to celebrate it back in Brazil, so my extended family could be part of  it, I enlisted the help of a very good and creative friend of mine, who a few years later became the owner of a very successful party styling business.  The theme was decided based on my daughter's favorite book at the time, "Alice in Wonderland". So I give you my very first theme party: "Lia in Wonderland"!!

In Brazil, we can actually rent a theme table. People come to your venue and set it all up for you!

The sweets table was all personalized and full of different candy, cupcakes, chocolates and even handmade sugar mushrooms!

The little drink bottles had orange juice in them.

Favors were cards sets, cup and saucer sets with tea inside (my friend went all the way to even personalize the tea bags!), and hand made finger puppets stuck on pencils. Every child also got a little goodie bag that depicted one of the cards, black and red.

 The cake was made to resemble the mad hatter tea party/

Lia wasn't so sure of what was going on!

All of us, and especially Lia, had a great great time at the party! She loved the clown, the balloons, the presents and most of all, she loved all the commotion of the kids running around and everybody trying to play with her. After that party, the ideas in my head could no longer be stopped!!

We dressed her up as Alice!

Oh the first lollipop! She ended up not having it (My over protective self didn't allow her to have any sugar until she turned two!)

That's it for my first post! A lot more parties to come!

Tchau for now!

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